Operational Excellence

The delivery of a new aircraft from the manufacturer is an exciting time for any owner / operator, but the delivery process can be overwhelming and takes an extra level of effort to ensure the appropriate oversight enabling a smooth delivery. I have been directly involved with the delivery of many narrow and wide body aircraft representing both the manufacturer and the customers during my career and can help you with the delivery of your new aircraft.

If your needs are more along the lines of returning an airplane back into service after storage or from a lengthy modification, let's discuss your needs to see how I can help you enable a safe and compliant return to service.

Many times organizations are required to take on special projects or simply need surge capacity support for a variety of reasons be it from fleet adjustments, service offering changes, organizational enhancements or industry pressures. With the skills and experiences I have acquired over the years I am more than happy to have a discussion to see how I can be of service to support your needs.


Operational excellence in any aviation tech ops organization is a goal which can seem like an impossible and thankless endeavor. Making sure realistic and appropriate technical measures and organizational plans are in place will enable the success of your tech ops and operation. I am happy to discuss your operational goals and challenges to enable the success of your company.

The aircraft maintenance training department which has the responsibility of developing and deploying the training to the front line employees serves a critical role in any aviation organization, be it large or small. Training comes in many different forms depending on your operational requirements and changes over time. Fleet changes, company operational changes as well as personnel or supplier changes all impact the training requirements in one way or another. Developing and implementing a robust, compliant and effective training program is an area I have been involved with over many years and can help guide and enable your training department to deliver that superior training product.