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In the development of a new aircraft program, technologies and innovations are used to enable the aircraft flight operations to be as safe, technologically advanced and efficient as possible. This program commitment is essential to the overall success of the product. Early program level commitment to adopting innovative new tools, process and techniques is equally important to the aircraft maintenance side of the program. Safe and efficient maintenance operations throughout a product's life cycle is as important to not only the operator's maintenance organization but to the flight operations and over all program success.


Technology development and experimental operating platforms need special attention from the program leadership team to enable safe ground operations. These platforms are exciting and advance critical new technologies, but they also need a robust plan to establish the appropriate safety program including the instructions for continued airworthiness for each specific program or project.

Advanced technology systems are coming at us fast and furious. Current examples are aircraft electric propulsion systems and fully autonomous operations. Not only will these types of disruptive technologies bring badly needed efficiency gains, they will cause infrastructure, airspace and maintenance operations changes to implement these technologies in a safe and efficient manner.


Sustainability in aviation is not just about aircraft fuel burn as most projects concentrate on. Maintenance and the handling of the airplane on the ground require a vast amount of energy and materials which all impact the environment. Focusing on how tech ops impacts the environment can lead to sustainability improvements.

The ability to understand and negotiate the aircraft maintenance operational requirements is where my experience with the air carriers and product development programs can assist you in the successful development, execution and sustainment of the product you are designing. Let's discuss your program to see how I can assist you with the innovative projects you are working on to enable your success.